What is behind Oneevo?

To have the eagle as logo, this bird as a spiritual guide or totem.

Emphasizes your ability to lead and influence others.

When the eagle is present in your life, this means it's time to take more initiative and be more active.

Eagles symbolize the power of observation.


Odigues Joseph is a dynamic and polymorphic individual

After 15 years of work in the real estate industry, he decided to found his own agency

who works differently than traditional agencies.


Our forces:

Services of "ONEEVO" are professional, personalized with experienced players

Fast and free evaluation via video conference

Web marketing with more extensive listing

Using social networks

Business development team to maximize customers

List of buyers generates daily by our systems


Succeed where the competition failed

Cash back for reference (BITCOINS)


Spoken Languages :

French, English, Creole, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and Quebecer